We’re really hoping that New York has a soft spot in its cold, jaded heart for awesome all-lady comedy.

This show is both a labor of love and a community-building exercise. We’re also hoping to create more sustainable work for female comics — see our Vision. Here’s how you can get involved:

    Obviously, come to the show! Sometimes, when something is happening every week, we tend to put it off — “Oh, it’ll always be there!” Actually, it may not be — not without your support! We actually want you to come EVERY week — it’s different comics every time, and, quite frankly, we’d like to be friends, and friends see each other a lot. Like every Wednesday.

Follow us on Twitter. RT as appropriate! If you’re a lady comic (even outside New York), we’d like to follow you and RT your 140-character gems.

Write about the show on your blog or Facebook page, or include us in your email newsletter. Feel free to take pictures (no flash while people are performing, please) and post a review on your blog. Let us know when you’ve posted something so we can link back!

Want to be our intern? We’re in the market for a college student who wants to help out.

Buy a comic a drink — or even better, some fries or something. (We’re talking about the other performers, not us, your hosts). Even very talented comics are often pretty broke. Sometimes, as a comic, you end up performing in places you can’t really afford to eat in. We’re not sure what the socially-non-awkward way is to offer to buy a comedian some actual nourishment, but we’re putting it out there as a trend we hope will take off. (It goes without saying that we are referring to offering drinks or food as a way of saying you enjoyed a performance, not as a means of hitting on someone).

Currently, we have a photographer who has graciously donated her time, but it would be nice to have another interested party, as I’m sure our regular photographer isn’t going to be available every single Wednesday night, forever. If you’d like to photograph the show and can post a Flickr gallery immediately thereafter, we’d like to hear from you.

Can you help us use technology in ways that are currently beyond our ken? We don’t have the ability to webcast or edit video, for instance. We can’t pay anyone, but if you’re interested in using technology to build this community, please get in touch. If you’d like to use our content for an existing site or channel, please email us to discuss (obviously, lots of people’s permission would be involved in that).

Suggest a performer you like for your company’s party or for other paid gigs (for instance, some comics will do bachelorette parties). Ladybits isn’t an agency, but if you email us with a reasonable sounding, paying opportunity, we can suggest someone or forward the email appropriately. And you’re more than welcome to simply come to Ladybits, scope out the talent, and talk to your favorite comics yourself after the show. We just want the love to get spread around.

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