Apprenticeship Program

Are you a woman who has always wanted to try comedy?

If so, our Apprenticeship Program is one of many ways to get started in comedy. (Others include trying the courses offered at most comedy clubs and improve theaters, learning from books like The Comedy Bible and then going to open mics, and probably some other ways we haven’t thought of).

As part of building a community of women comics and women who love comedy and men who love comedy performed by women, we thought it would be nice to create an avenue for women who want to get started in comedy. However, we are also very, very, very dedicated to The Audience, who have come for a high-quality show, which we are honor-bound to provide! So, we’re not going to throw someone on stage who isn’t going to entertain the hell out of all the nice people who’ve come out to Cornelia Street.

So, our answer to this apparent paradox is to give you some options for getting ready for your stage debut. One option costs money, one doesn’t. (We don’t make money on this. We’re just serving as a liaison between aspiring and veteran female comics).

Option 1: Hire one of our veteran female comedians as a comedy teacher. We have working comics with television credits and all kinds of amazing resumes. Your comedy coach will meet with you two or three times one-on-one, and perhaps bring you along to other shows where she’s performing or allow a “shadowing” experience. When she says you’re ready, we’ll put you in the show! We’re still working out the kinks in this plan, but this should cost less than most comedy classes (which run $250 and up).

Option 2: We’ll recommend several books, DVDs, and other resources for you to check out on your own time, and then we’ll ask you to come to several Ladybits shows and write up reviews of what other comics did on stage that worked, and why. We’re still working this process out as well, but the idea is to provide a warm and friendly avenue for women comics to get started, while making sure that we maintain the high quality of the show by ensuring that you’re ready before you find yourself under the bright lights.

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