Heckling is Not an Inseparable Part of Comedy

You know how, sometimes, an audience at a sporting event throws a bunch of crap on the field because they either really like or really don’t like a player?  Yeah, you shouldn’t do that.  It really messes up the game.

And while some comics do manage to thrill with their witty rejoinders to hecklers (Steve Martin: “I remember when I had my first beer”), that doesn’t mean comics enjoy being heckled.  It’s not part of the show.

At a comedy club, sometimes hecklers are thrown out, but sometimes not, since the club doesn’t want to lose a customer’s money.  At Ladybits, it’s a lot less complicated.  No heckling.  Isn’t that easy?  I mean, if you don’t like a movie, you don’t shout at it; you deal.  And a bad movie is at least 90 minutes of sucking!  A comedy act is probably more like 10 minutes.

Also, I think a lot of ladies in New York are, um, familiar with being the target of unwanted shouting.

This relationship runs (or should run) both ways.  Plenty of people don’t like to sit in the front row at comedy shows because they’re going to get picked on.  Why does that have to be a thing?  Guess what: it doesn’t!

Ladybits policy: No heckling, no picking on the audience.  Civilization: It’s easy!

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