Birthing a Comedy Show, Hoping to Avoid a Comedy C-Section

This city has a lot of comedy shows. It’s easy to start another one just because it seems like the thing to do, or because it feels good to be busy, or because the eleventeenth stop off the L train doesn’t have its own show yet.

I (Jen) ran a show in Brooklyn for more than three years — at first, I did it for the stagetime. But I’ve never needed as much stagetime as most comics — soon, I’d had all the stagetime I could handle. I’m like a turtle wearing a funny hat that only pops its head out fortnightly.

This show, I plan to spend most of my time sitting in the back, Tweeting the show. And welcoming audience members, and being the glue that makes things work. My partner and co-founder, the inimitable Abbi Crutchfield, is in charge of what happens on stage, and no show could be in better hands.

I just finished writing our Vision page. There’s so much more to say, but I think I’ve said a bit about why we this show is here:

    To entertain women who don’t like traditional comedy clubs.

    To hold our show someplace where the food is tasty, the ladies’ bathrooms are clean, and you don’t feel like you’re in a frat basement. (Done!)

    To create a community.

    To warmly welcome male audience members, without unduly catering our show to them.

    To generate more work for female comedians, rather than simply promoting competition for the limited amount of work that actually exists.

    To reach out via The Internets to women comedy fans and comedians all over the world.

    To offer a lineup that reflects the talent of women of all races, sexual orientations, races, body types and abilities, and ages.

    To put on an awesome show that makes you laugh, where you make friends, and where you identify with the voices on stage, and that is funnier than anything you can see staying at home watching your television.

    To make you laugh until you cry.

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